Install Firefox with Java support in Ubuntu Linux 18.04

Install Firefox with java support Ubuntu 18.0 Installation: First, make sure you have installed the JRE or JDK. For this example I use the JDK installed in the directory: /opt/jdk1.8.0_201 Execute these commands:

  Create a directory of the installation

Download the Firefox, version 50:

Uncompress it

Create the directory .mozilla/plugins […]

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Secure NTP configuration

Tips: 1. Ensure you have the restrictions in ntp.conf

  2. Disable monitor to protect of the CVE-2013-5211 vulnerability

  3. Use “nomodify nopeer noquery notrap” for each IP and network your NTP  system connects or receive connections.

  Example NTP server configuration.

  Example NTP Client configuration


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How to enable Proxy Settings for Yum

To be able to access to Ithe internet to update the system trogth proxy use: Option 1. Add to /etc/yum.conf these lines:

  Option 2: Export the variables in the shell:



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Install wmi in CentOS

Problem: It is necessary to query Windows servers from Linux using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). Solution:   Install the wmi client in Linux, follow these steps 1. Download wmi from

  2. Install wmi using yum:

  3. Test it  

  Usage: wmic -U user%password //host “query” Example: Remotely obtain […]

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