Aurlen Tecnologies is:

  • A group of Mexican people with experience in implement infrastructure and Information technology services for large international companies and medium-sized companies.
  • Our support includes Spanish and English.
  • Specialists in free software with more than 13 years of experience. Linux, Solaris, BSD,  Nagios, Zabbix, CMS, Postgres, Mysql, Oracle, Tomcat, Golang, hardware, cabling,  datacenter, managed IT service and remote administration.
  • Service operation based on ITIL.

Value for our customers

  • We improve the user experience, with faster and more scalable systems.
  • Reduction of costs and resources. Less investment in infrastructure, less investment for licenses using Free Software, less consumption of natural resources (Cooling / Electricity).
  • Risk Reduction. Implementing secure systems. Preventing your computers from getting infected with viruses and stealing your information.
  • Legal compliance. Avoid using unlicensed software.
  • We improve productivity and reduce the stress of our clients.



Software Development and Automation

Improve the efficiency of the IT service delivery and operation

  • Android Apps.
  • Backed Development in Go (golang), web y APIs.
  • Scripts Linux and UNIX. (Bash, Expect),
  • Report generation.

Hardware & Network

  • Hardware Installation of Servers. (Dell, Sun/Oracle, Huawei, HP),
  • Network planning and implementation. For Bussiness and data centers.

Firewall pfSense

The best open source Firewall, more flexible than commercial Firewalls.

  • Installation.
  • Migrations.
  • Remote administration.


  • Installation in Racking and layout desing.
  • Remote adminestration (sys admins).
  • Operating system installation, Linux any distribución, Windows, BSD, Solaris, Open Stack.
  • Remote access set up.
  • Monitoring.
  • Hardening.
  • Service installation

Computer-based on Linux (custom distribution)

Network and service monitoring with  Zabbix